Our Competencies

ARCH‘s below competencies help owners and entrepreneurs to increase their company’s profitable sales (value proposition)

1.Right Owners/Board for Growth:

ARCH believes that right Owner´perspective and board is the key to success in today’s competitive world. Right Owner/Board includes-

Right Owner
Right Board
Right Team (Owner-Board-CEO-Employee)

2. Develop Excellent Team:

ARCH believes that the employees are valuable assets of the company. The importance of proper employee manuals help the company to grow. Right staff includes -

Right Performance Pay for growth
Right Staff Recruitment
Right Organization

3. Right Product/Services/Concept by value proposition:

ARCH helps take a process for to sell products/services/concept by value (profitable growth) in the following way –

Sale by Value 
Right Product/Service/Concept (Value Proposition)
Right Product/Services for Domestic/International Market

4. Develop Right Big New or Existent Big Customers :

ARCH provides consultation on how to find new big customer for your company and/or develop existing major customers/partners in a profitable way, which includes -

Right New/Existing Customer
Right Company Profile for growth
Right Customer Category for growth
Right Key Customer/Order

Right LinkedIn Sales for New Customers/Partners or New Countries

5. Right Economy

Its well said that “Money is the life blood of every business organization”. ARCH has an expertise on how to know if your company has Right Liquidity for growth, which includes -

Right Profitability for growth
Right Liquidity for growth
Right Capital strategy for growth

6. Right Company Acquisition

If company acquires a right company in a right way then the growth is definite, ARCH has a complete module for Right Company Acquisition -

Right Company Acquisition for valuable growth
Right Company Acquisition from start to final phase
Right Integration of acquired company

7. Right Sales/Export through Personal Sales

The best way to reach big new customers or develop export sales, ARCH has a complete experience for Right Digital Sales -

Right Personal Sales in Digital Time

Rigth Customer Relations in Digital Time
Right LinkedIn Sales to attract New Customers, Partners or New countries