About ARCH Nordic

We help companies to Increase Profitable Sales

ARCH main aim is to focus on company, customer and employee satisfaction through its services. This aim signifies both short term and long term growth of company’s sales.

ARCH was established in 1996, since then our services have helped several companies to achieve higher growth for their company.

We at Arch focus our activities on the following three basic areas:

  1. Right Profitable Sales for your Company»
  2. Funds Placement and Foundations in Nordic Countries»
  3. Right Company Acquisitions In Nordic Countries»

ARCH Nordic is in close cooperation with Midas Equities Oy regarding Company Acquistions and Fund Placements (see website https://www.midasequities.fi/en/ or press release).

ARCH’s senior consultants have 25 years of experience as CEO / CFOs from SAAB (Defense sector), Parker Hannifin PLC, ELBE, Ångpanneföreningen and Addtech.

About Kent Eliasson

Kent Eliasson

Kent Eliasson


Kent Eliasson is the founder and CEO of ARCH. He is managing Arch since the last 20 years. He holds a Masters degree in Business Administration from University of Stockholm.

Kent works as Chairman of the Board in various Nordic Growth Companies in different sectors, which includes real estate agent, health, IT, bicycle manufacturing, car accessories, plastic company and education sector.

Do not hesitate to contact us for suggestions on how we can grow your business.